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First update in 4 years!

Wow, it's been....  a really long time!  Last you heard from me, it was 2014, I was migrating this blog to a new platform.  I kept up with it for a few months, but I ultimately stopped posting and abandoned it.  I often find myself saying "life is so crazy right now!", but 2014 Lindsay didn't know crazy.  She had no idea what was coming for her.  She was so naive, lol!  So in fall of 2014 I was no longer just a dancer, I was tossed into the world of teaching!  It was a big goal I had, and I anticipated it coming to fruition in several years, but things kind of fell into place with a beloved teacher at our studio leaving, and the opportunity falling into my lap.  I began teaching 2 classes, and I assisted with 2 combo classes for the younger dancers.  The following season I took on 3 more classes, and fast forward to now I'm planning my year for 8 classes!  Yep, I'm dressed as a chef.  lol  As I kept adding classes to my teaching schedule, unfo

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